• gaofei
    Yesteday My Face Camera test on the RED MI mobile photo: NOTE 5A (The High configuration version) CPU MSM8940 the HUAWEI M3 pad CPU is the same ,Front Camera resolution is 16MP ,OS is Android 7.1.2 with RAM 4GB+SD memory 64GB The test is successful,but some problems is : The Camera resolution is 16MP(3456*4608) ,but the output JPG image resolution is 8MP(4090*2048),Is it automatic resolutiom reduction? and some times the mobile photo screen flicker is normal?
  • gaofei
    The price of My RED MI mobile photo NOTE 5A:USD$200:yum:
  • Admin

    Thanks for reporting this to us. And glad to know that you got a successful scan.

    1. This device is not on our official support device list. Which means that we haven't test it at all.

    2. The output JPG image you referred above means the head.jpg in output session folder? We haven't tested any device with front cam more than 8MP resolution. We can investigate more and let you know asap.

    3. As for flickering problem, would you please check the Help Page to see which version of the app you have installed? It should have been fixed in 1.0.7.a. But again, we haven't tested this RED MI device. So I can't be 100% sure.

  • gaofei
    Thank you for the reply yes the output JPG image is head.jpg in the Folder .
    1-- I hope when i use the high resolution camera (more than 8MP) I can get the image matched with the camera resolution ,Instead of being limited to 8MP .
    2-- Please give me a link of baidu cloud disk to download Bellus3d Face Camera APP version 1.0.7.a
  • gaofei
    The Bellus3d face camera APP version 1.0.7.a was installed mobile photo has not flicker
    Thank you very munch! I wish Bellus3d team will do better.
  • Admin
    Good to know. Have fun playing with the app. Let us know if there is more problems~
  • gaofei
    New problens of APP vertion 1.0.7.a:
    1- whan i choose back camera by setting menu to scan,the mobile photo will lost the face camera ,have to conect USB again.
    2- After previous step,APP find face camera and the back camera can scan Objects,but only hint move to the left, No prompts to move back to right. Scan has ended
    3- Click screen light option in setting menu,back camera scan is normal.
    4- Often lost face camera whan i change Front/back camera in setting menu.
  • Admin

    1. we haven't tested your specific device, but u may try any of our supported devices, it shouldn't have this problem. But we will see how to investigate.

    2. We don't support scan Objectects for now.

    4. Lost camera? you mean camera disconnected? or there is no preview?
  • jzhong

    Hi Gao,

    1. I tried back cam mode on our supported devices. The camera disconnected event did not occur.

    3. Screen light is for front cam mode only.
  • gaofei
    Hello Bellus3d team!
    1-Lost camera mean camera disconnected. may be problen with RED MI photo i think.
    2-the Face camera don't surpport scan objectects,so one of my ideas will fail:use two face cameras between a head scan, can get a Complete head model.
  • Alex Preston
    Hey ,

    Currently we do not support multi camera capture. So this will not work.

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