• Brian
    I don't know why this is, but just now, in doing a few tests on my Note8 using the back camera, three out of four times, my scan has come back with no texture, just white. Why would this happen?
  • Admin

    1. What app version are you using?
    2. Would you please share a screenshot of one dataset of your ouput folder?
    3. I didn't bring Note 8 with me back home. I will take a look when I get back to the office Monday morning and keep you updated
  • Eric
    I am not sure exactly what's causing your texture map problem, but we suggest you to use the front camera instead. The back camera may be doing auto white balancing, auto focusing during scanning, which may cause our app to fail to process the color images. Do you have problems with the front camera?
  • Brian
    Sorry, I haven't check in with the forum in the past few days.
    I'm using the most recent version, but it has happened with previous versions of the app as well.

    What is a dataset?

    And no, I don't have issues with the front camera, but the back camera is usually prefered bc a) it's higher resolution and b) most of the time, in my experience, people I'm scanning haven't been able to do the process on their own. They almost always move their heads to fast, or don't hold the camera steady. It just seems way more effective to do it myself with the back camera.
  • jzhong

    We have been looking into the issue you reported and we will fix it in our next release which should be available in two weeks.

    For most of devices I had tested, front cam is a better option than back cam for face scanning because of the narrower field of view and the better tuning (for skin). The handset's back cam is most likely to have auto-focus lens with wide field of view. If you scan a face at certain distance, using back cam may not give you more pixels on face area because of the wider field of view. Beyond that, the back cam will do auto focusing during the scanning. So, the texture might be blurry at some area.

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